Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Breakfast on the Go - Easy Microwave Egg Sandwich

Today I wanted to share a quick and healthy 
tip for breakfast on the go! 

Anything Goes Microwaved Egg Sandwich, 
ready in minutes!

I've been making these for a few years - 
they are so quick and easy!  All you need is a 
microwave safe mug or dish, non-stick cooking 
spray, eggs and whatever you want to add!

Click here for a great link on how to cook eggs 
a variety of ways in the microwave.

Here is what I made in minutes!

Today I used 1 large egg (70 cal), 
Handful of baby spinach (maybe 5 cal), 
1/2 slice of Swiss cheese (35 cal), 
1 tablespoon of Trader Joe's Roasted Red Pepper & Artichoke Tapenade (10 cal),
2 thin slices of Honey Ham (30 cal), 
one English Muffin (120 cal).

Total Calories: 270
For an even healthier version, use egg whites!

Lightly spray your mug/dish with non-stick cooking spray, 
crack egg(s) and whisk with fork. 
 I precooked my egg for 25 secs in the 
microwave on high before adding my layers.

Add whatever you like!

Microwave on high for another 45 seconds depending on your 
microwave and the amount of ingredients added.
*You may need to cook less or longer.
I like my eggs cooked well, no runny ones for me!
I use saran wrap and puff it up for venting.  
When I first started making these, 
I learned the hard way with egg all over the microwave!


My breakfast took less than 5 minutes to make.  

So simple.  So good.



Lisa ~ The SweetTalk Shop said...

I'm going to give that a try. I'll let you know how I like it!!

Elena @ La Petite Vie said...

Good Morning Mary! This sounds and looks so yummy! I can't wait to try this out for my husband. Thanks for the great recipe!

Mary ~ said...

Hi Elena - Thanks, it's so quick and easy - you can add whatever you want! I should have mentioned that if you don't care for non-stick cooking spray, you can use butter instead. :O) Yum!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Mary ~ said...

Hi Lisa - Hope you like it! I usually make the McDonalds version Egg McMuffin - egg, cheese and ham. I cook the egg along, place it on the muffin, then add the cheese & ham :O)

Always fun to see you here! Have a great one and thanks for stopping by!

Terry said...

Oh yum. Looks like a great way to start off the day.

Aimee - said...

What a GREAT idea!!! Thanks LOTS for sharing at Overflowing with Creativity!

XO, Aimee

PS Did you sign up for my giveaway yet!?!
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Blissful Blooms said...

Oh my! That looks delicious! Now I'm hungry . . .

Mary ~ said...

Lisa - I meant ALONE, not ALONG ;-)

Hi Terry - I make this a few times a week!

Aimee - Thank you and thanks for the reminder!

Blissful Blooms - It's as yummy as it is easy!

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Awesome, I will try to make for my breakfast. Thank you sharing!
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