Sunday, March 4, 2012

It just keeps snowing...

My friend and I have been walking buddies for over 6 years.
 Tonight was a beautiful walk. 

My friend and her dog Woody

The roads and sidewalks were a wet, slippery mess....I almost fell a half dozen times!

Lots and lots of snow in the face!

My youngest flushed an ice cube down the toilet in hopes for a snow day tomorrow.
You never know, her wish might come true!

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Natalie said...

Its so beautiful!!!!!

Guess what I found......

I made a couple of pics then just emailed them to myself and saved to my computer. So really cute templates....

xxxx Nat

Mary ~ said...

You find the best stuff, Natalie! I'll be playing with this today! Thank you :) No snow day...It's still lightly snowing. When I was making my youngest's bed this morning, I found a spoon under her pillow. Poor thing wanted a snow day so bad! Getting ready to take her to school now. :(

Have a great day ~ xx Mary

Natalie said...

Oh bless her. We sometimes have days where I just cannot justify going out in the torential rain so I keep all 3 at home - we just all get absolutely drenched and the kids will be wet all day at school and kindy. Our rain is awful - hate it when its been raining constantly for days and days.

Thank you for your sweet comments on my new header.
Enjoy playing with the new photo sites lol.

xx Nat

Mary ~ said...

Do have a rainy season, Natalie? I wouldn't want to go out and get soaked either!

Always wonderful to see you here - thanks for visiting! Love the new header and all the photo tips you keep posting!!! Thank you :O)

Natalie said...

Well the rainy season is literally all year round ... sigh! Seriously it seems like it anyway.
We can have 4 seasons in 1 day - its a well known fact about Auckland. But the worst is Winter - it rains non-stop for weeks and nothing dries, everything has a damp feeling about it and our wooden houses do not cope well with the wet. My own fault really for moving here haha.... Its great tho and Im happy here - just not a fan of the rain xxxxxxx