Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tried & True Tuesday ~ Easy Greek Egg Wrap

Here is a healthy, yummy wrap ~ 
perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
{I've been on a wrap kick lately}

Easy Greek Egg Wrap

So simple, so good, and under 300 calories!  

Here's how you make this easy wrap:


1 Wrap or Tortilla  (regular, wheat, light)
1 Whole Egg Scrambled (cook using the method you prefer)
Diced Tomato - I use one whole plum
Handful of Fresh Baby Spinach
Greek Seasoning (any brand will do, I use Penzeys' Greek)
Crumbled Feta - sprinkle desired amount
Kalamata or Black Olives - add desired amount
*optional ingredients that go well, diced red onion, sweet red peppers


I use the easy egg-in-mug method to cook my eggs, it saves time and they always turn out great. One egg is usually ready in 45-50 seconds.  Cook your egg they way you prefer.  Before you cook your egg, get all of your ingredients ready.  Place a handful of spinach on your tortilla, top spinach with cooked egg.  Sprinkle with seasoning (as much as you like).  Top with tomatoes, feta and olives.  Wrap it up and enjoy!  So healthy and so good!

*Optional - Grilling this wrap is awesome!  You can keep it healthy by lightly spraying or brushing the outside of the wrap with olive oil (I like garlic EVOO).  Tip,  grill the seam side down first.

I'll be sharing my Greek Egg Wrap at these great parties:

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Jo-Ann said...

Looks wonderful! Can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing. I pinned it. Have a great weekend.

Mary ~ said...

Thank you, Jo-Ann! Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you have a great weekend too! Cheers!