Friday, August 3, 2012

Alaska Coffee Shops

Alaskans LOVE their coffee!

If you ever have the chance to visit Alaska, the one thing that will stand out are all the coffee shops and drive-thru stands. You can throw a rock and hit the next one, that's how many there are in Anchorage. As of July 2011, there were 172 coffee shops in Anchorage. That's a lot of coffee shops for a city with a population around 295,500 people

My second visit to Alaska last summer, I planned on taking photos of all the different coffee shops, but we just ran out of time. This trip, my sister and I found an afternoon to drive around Anchorage so I could capture a few. I also included shops and stands from other towns in Alaska we visited.

Funny fact - Alaskans consume more ice cream per capita, than any other state. Google it!

This is a Kaladi Brothers Coffee shop outside of Talkeetna.
Kaladi  Brothers Coffee is Alaska's premier coffee roaster.
{Since 1986}

Below are two photos from Talkeetna's main street...

This cute little coffee shop above is in Hope, AK.
Below is a photo from Hope...

Here is great spot, Black Bear Coffee House, outside of Denali National Park.

This caboose coffee drive-thru is my favorite of them all - Eagle River, AK.
You can learn more about this piece of Alaska Railroad history here.

Here is an Espresso shop in Valdez, AK.
Below is a photo of Valdez, Alaska. 
 I'll be posting on this beautiful town soon.

Little Chicks Coffee is in the back of a souvenir shop in Valdez. 
They have really good coffee!
Below is a funny t-shirt in the shop.

Terra Bella is another one of my sister and brother-in-law's favorite spots ~ Anchorage.

If you want to be served by a girl in a bikini...head to one of these.  There are several of them around Anchorage. They must FREEZE during winter.

Loca Mocha - very cute!  Anchorage
Love the bright color of this one on a cloudy day.
~ Anchorage

There are several Starbucks around Anchorage.

My sister and brother-in-law really like Kindred Spirits ~ Anchorage.


Here are the rest of the coffee shops I snapped in Anchorage...

The barista at Midnight Sun Espresso was the sweetest!  
She made a great Cafe Mocha!

I opted for a mocha instead of a sludge cup....
it was little too late in the day for a caffeine jolt.

The first time I visited Alaska, back in September of 2010, I had my very first cup of Alaskan sludge - it's a cup of joe with a shot or two of espresso.  Every morning at my sister's, I made a good...I was in love from the very first sip.  

One thing is for sure, Alaskans do not play when it comes to coffee!  

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Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

I love to try out different coffee shops when we travel! This was a fun post to read. I think I like the train one best! We had tons of coffee shops in Montana too and I miss them!

Natalie @ NorthShore Days said...

These are so cute! I love your idea of photographing them . And your pictures are stunning! xxxxx

Heather F. said...

Wow...that's some serious coffee love.

Mary ~ said...

Me too, Danni! Thank you. The train is my favorite too!

Mary ~ said...

Thank you, Nat! I didn't take much time taking the photos, just a quick drive by shot...most of the time I was rushing to get out of the way of cars! :O)

Mary ~ said...

Serious love. I still can't believe how much Alaskans love ice cream too!

Dawn said...

I love this article! My mom has lived in Alaska for over 50 years, and my husband and I lived there for around 4 years (where we also had our first daughter). I miss it so much! And one of the things I miss is the variety of coffee huts on every corner. Great pics! Great article!

Dawn said...

ps. Seward, if you haven't been, is a treat to see as well. But Soldotna has the best coffee (hut) ever!