Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Honeycrisp ~ How You Like Them Apples?!

Have you tried a Honeycrisp apple?  
This apple is "the new kid on the block" developed in Minnesota, 
you learn more about the apples here.

We tried our very first Honeycrsips several years ago and they are now 
my family's favorite apples.  My kids think they taste like candy!  
Those were their exact words!

They are the yummiest apples!  Sweet with just a hint of tartness.  
Super crisp with a prefect texture ~ so easy to bite into.

I live in Northeast Ohio and the season for the Honeycrisp is very short.  Our local orchard, Geig's, has already picked all their Honeycrisps.  So if you haven't picked up your peck, you better get there soon, before they're all gone.  On Saturday, I ran up and grabbed a half a peck.  As soon as I got home, I kicked myself.  Ugh,  I should have gotten more.  So yesterday afternoon, I ran back to Geig's and grabbed more for myself and some for my friends

I live in the Midwest, so I'm not familiar with other regions and where/when they are available. It's worth it to check your local orchards and grocery stores.  If you're an apple lover,  you will fall in love with this apple.  

 Honeycrisp are relatively new apples in high demand.  That explains why they go so fast!

When is comes to cooking/baking with Honeycrisp ~ They are delicious eating apples, and are also good for sauce and baking.  

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Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

I will be checking around for these candy tasting apples! Are they good to cook with? Beautiful pictures and awesome bounty! Love your 9/11 Widget too!

Mary ~ said...

Hi Danni,

I read that you can make apple sauce with them, but I think they are far too sweet (for me) to bake or cook with. But then again, you could always add tartness with lemon juice/zest. They are my favorite eating apple! I only eat raw apples this time of year, thanks to Honeycrisp, they are that good!

Thank you, re: thewidget. Hard to believe it has been 11 years. Seems like yesterday.

Jeannie Clemens said...

I ate my honey crisp 2 years ago and wait impatiently for the season to bring them to Texas.

Mary ~ said...

I'm so glad you can get them in Texas! They are so worth the wait! Thanks for stopping by, Jeannie! I hope you have a good night.

Katie said...

I love honeycrisps almost as much as I love Pink Ladies- and both are almost as hard to find.

I'm hosting a fall themed link up that runs from Sunday to Thursday and would love to have you link up!


Katie @ Horrific Knits

Heather F. said...

I have seen them at my grocery store, I will have to check them out! Another good one I've found is the Jazz apple. So yummy!

Kelly @ Semi Homemade Mom said...

Yep, we just picked our first batch of honey crisp this past weekend! My kids love them to just snack on, this year I want to try them in some new recipes though. I'd love it if you shared this at my Show & Share party:


Loy said...

We have them here in the northwest, and I buy as many as I can eat when they are in season. Their season should be coming up soon, I have started to look for them at the produce stand.

Mary ~ said...

Hi Katie,

I've never had a Pink Lady, I'll had to keep my eyes out for them! I'll link up tonight to you party tonight, thanks so much for the invitation!

Have a great night and thanks for visiting!

Cheers ~

Mary ~ said...

I hope you find them - you will LOVE them, Heather! I'll have to try a Jazzy apple, never had one!

Mary ~ said...

Hi Kelly,

I haven't baked with them yet...yet!

Thanks for the invite to the party, I'd love to link up - I'll be stop by tonight!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful night.

Mary ~ said...

Same here, Loy, my fridge is filled with them. They have a pretty long shelf life if they are stored in a bag in the fridge. Hope the Honeycrisps arrive in the NW soon. Enjoy them while you can.

Thanks so much for visiting - have a good night!

Heaven's Walk said...

Yay for apple season!! Honeycrisp has been my favorite apple for quite a few years, Mary. LOOOOOVVVVE them! We love them so much, we added a couple Honeycrisp trees to our vintage apple orchard. The old trees are Wolf River which I believe is a very old line of apples that are difficult to find. They taste just like a Honeycrisp but are HUGE.....like as big as softballs!!! :) Unfortunately, with the late freeze we had here in MI, we lost all of our buds. So no apples from our trees this year. :(

xoxo laurie

Mary ~ said...

I have apple tree envy, Laurie! How lucky are you! I'm so glad I ran back and grabbed more Honeycrisp...they are so good. I've never heard of Wolf River, but if I ever come across them, I'll be sure to try one! I grew up in Michigan, Flint...but then my family moved north to Traverse City! *sorry about the frost, that stinks. I hope you have a spectacular season next year. Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you have a great weekend!

Nicole {WonkyWonderful} said...

Yes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Honeycrisp Apples! So good - I started eating them about 6 years ago & now every other type of apple is just not good enough. I will start seeing honeycrisps in the markets about October-November ... I can't wait :)

Cathy said...

I'm in Canada so don't know if the Honeycrisp are available here but I am going to look for them.
I discovered an apple about 3 years ago - Royal Gala - and like yours they are just a bit tart and very crisp. Then about 1-1/2 years ago they started tasting different - had a different colour, were somewhat soft and too sweet for my taste. I found out from the produce manager at a local fruit market that there are two types of gala apples: one is the Royal Gala and the other is just Gala. Though the Royal Gala is more expensive than the Gala and harder to find, for me the hunt and cost are worth it. Give it a try if you find it.
All of the ones I've found are not from Canada - most from Chili and, I think, some from the US. I live in one of Canada's fruit belts and have asked around but no one seems to grow them here.
All the best,

Mary ~ said...

Yay, so glad you get them where you live, Nicole. I'm not a huge apple eater, but I can't get enough of the Honeycrisp. They are so good! Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you have a great week!

Mary ~ said...

Thanks for the tip, Cathy! I'll be sure to look the next time I head to the store. I'm always looking for a good alternative for the Honeycrisp!
I'll be sure to come back and reply to you if I find Royal Gala!

Thank you for stopping by, and thanks again for the tip!

Hope you're off to a wonderful week! Cheers!