Friday, September 21, 2012

Bittersweet Berries and Vines Swag Wreath

My bittersweet berries and vines arrived yesterday afternoon!  My sweet 
friend, Danni, from Silo Hill Farm, is the best!  She sent me a boxed filled 
with bittersweet from her secret patchall the way from Missouri!  I sent her 
Ohio buckeyes ~ you can read her post here, to see what she did with them. 

It was so fun exchanging fall goodies!

Bittersweet berries are so rich in color.  
The berries arrived just starting to pop open.
As soon as I pulled them out of the box, I knew
exactly what I was going to do with them!

 I decided to keep the berries natural and made a 
bittersweet swag wreath for my front door.  They just happened 
to be the exact same color as my mums.  I took several 
of the vines and wrapped the top with wire to hold 
them together.  So simple.  So pretty.


I love bittersweet.  Now I need to find a secret patch!  
Thank you so much, Danni!


It's All Connected said...

Perfect accent for your door! Danni is a truly great friend! ~ Maureen

Sherry said...

Those look so pretty on your door with the mums and pumpkins ~ beautiful fall entry! It's so wonderful having friends that think of each other and go out of their way to be generous and thoughtful! It makes me smile. :)

Mary ~ said...

Thank you, Maureen! Danni truly is! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Cheers to the first day of fall!

Mary ~ said...

Thank you, Sherry. I agree, Sherry!

You're post today made me smile....loved it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Oh Mary! That swag is wonderful! Why didn't I think of that??!! I love your festive! That corn is gorgeous flanking the door and the mums and pumpkins are beautiful too! Someone is doing a link party for fall porches and should submit this there. It's awesome!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Oh my gosh...I grow my own bittersweet and have it all over my house. I just love it. Yours is beautiful! I saw your link At The Picket Fence so I had to come and check it out. Your front door is perfection!

Natalie @ NorthShore Days said...

Just gorgeous Mary - I love all the decor xxx

Heather F. said...

Love it. So pretty. I think I might need a secret patch myself!

At The Picket Fence said...

Oh how beautiful!! The bittersweet gathered and hanging on your door is simply lovely and your entire front porch looks wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing this with us last weekend at Inspiration Friday! :-)

Mary ~ said...


The bittersweet is my favorite fall door decoration I have ever had! I just love it! I can't thank you enough!

Good idea for the link party - i'll need to see if someone is hosting one!

Thanks for the sweet words!

Mary ~ said...

Hi Ann - YOU ARE SO LUCKY! Thank you for the sweet comment and for for popping over!

Hope you have a wonderful fall!


Mary ~ said...

Thank you, Nat! Danni is the best! xxoo

Mary ~ said...

Thank you, Heather! I really want to find a secret patch too...or someone that sells it in the fall. I'll be on the hunt next year!

Mary ~ said...

Hi Heather!

Thank you so much for visiting and for the sweet comment! Thank you for hosting the parties, too!

Hope you are having a week!


Angela @ Number Fifty-Three said...

Your front porch looks absolutely gorgeous! I love bittersweet, too and always try to incorporate some into my fall decor.

Have a great weekend!

Suzy said...

I just adore bittersweet! You're fortunate to have someone to share with you. I just paid a ridiculous amount ($8) for a bunch about half the size of yours. I'd love to plant some, but was warned that it will take over. Ratz! Anyway - it looks very, very pretty on your door.

Mary ~ said...

Hi Angela - You are so sweet, thank you! I love bittersweet. This is actually the very first REAL bittersweet I have ever used. I wish I had my own secret patch...I'll need to see where I can buy some next year!

Hope you are having a great week. Thank you so much for stopping by and the sweet comment.

Mary ~ said...

Hi Suzy,

Thank you! I agree ~ I am so lucky Danni from Silo Hill Farm was sweet enough to send me a ton of bittersweet. I plan on finding a place that sells it for next fall - I love the pretty berries and vines, it's the perfect fall color. Maybe I should look into planting some in my backyard? I'll have to look into that!

Thanks so much for the visit! Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Me and My DIY said...

Hi Mary, that bittersweet looks beautiful against your crisp white front door! Do you know how long the berries will stay red? I'm thinking I might have to hunt down your source in Willard and find some for the holidays! Thanks!

Mary ~ said...

Hi Debbie,

That is a very good. I'm not sure, this is my first time using real bittersweet. I did find a great post on Bittersweet and how to grow your own: I'd love to grow my own! Here is another great post on American Bittersweet, ~ which is what I have.

Thanks for the visit, Debbie! I hope you find some bittersweet this fall!

Anastasia said...

Beautiful porch!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

I love this! I grew my own bittersweet and had a huge harvest this year. How nice to trade with a friend. Saw your link at DIY showoff!

Mary ~ said...

Hi Ann ~ You are so lucky! I was thinking about trying to plant my own, but then was left a comment on Home Talk about how invasive the plant is - and I should throw my bittersweet away in a plastic bag at the end of the season. I had no idea. Maybe I need to do more research. I love LOVE bittersweet - it's just beautiful!

Thanks so much for the visit and comment! Cheers to you!

Mary ~ said...

Thank you! xo

Courtney said...

That is so beautiful! I love the color contrast you have going on there, the red and white is so bold.

Kathy Shea Mormino said...

Huge fan of bittersweet! Your porch looks beautiful.
Hello, new follower here! I would love to have you link up with my Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

I hope to see you there!
The Chicken Chick

Kathy Shea Mormino said...

Hello, new follower here! I would love to have you link up with my Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

I hope to see you there!
The Chicken Chick

Chenille Cottage said...

Oh, What a pretty post! Aren't blog buddies the best! Danni has added a special touch of friendship chocked full of Autumn charm to your decor.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful feature.

Karena said...

Mary, I love how beautiful the bittersweet looks, the way you have decorated the front door! I must find some!!

Art by Karena

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Beautiful Fall decor! I love the look of your porch! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Mary ~ said...

Hi Courtney,

Thank you for such a sweet comment!
I hope you have a great week!
Thanks for the visit!

Mary ~ said...

Hi Kathy,

Thank you so much!

Thanks for the invite, I'll be sure to stop by! Hope you're having a great Sunday!

Mary ~ said...

Hi Carolyn,

Yes, blog buddies are the absolute best!
Thanks for the sweet comment and visit! I hope you had a great weekend. Have a wonderful week!

Mary ~ said...

Hi Karena - thank you! I love bittersweet, so simple with so much color! Next year I'll be calling our local greenhouses!

Mary ~ said...

Thank you so much, Marci! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Michelle's Tasty Creations said...

Your porch looks beautiful! I love the bittersweet and berries. Simple yet gorgeous. Thanks for sharing :)

Sherry said...

So pretty! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!