Saturday, October 20, 2012

Inspiration Cafe's New Blog Launches Monday!

Hey Everyone,

During spring of this year, I joined forces with 4 other bloggers to 
provide you with some weekly inspiration, great tutorials, gorgeous 
decor and awesome DIY projects...Now IC has it's own BLOG!

Every Monday you will find us at our 
New Cafe, sipping lattes and sharing inspiration...

 Of course we have more in store.... 
fabulous giveaways, themes, link parties, 
features and great guests...

So please join us, Natalie, Heather, Sherry, Danni and myself 
every week at our new blog.

 We have a vision for our blog, we want to share, 
inspire and encourage others.

We would love guests, so please let one of us know
 that you are interested and we will grab a spot for you.

So come on and join our Facebook page and
 keep up to date on all developments...

Our Amazing new Blog design was done by Jana 
from Little Web Writing Hood.

Jana did a fantastic job and was so gracious 

and flexible with all our demands. 

Thank you so much Jana ~ you rock!

 Hope to see you all on Monday...


kristi@ishouldbemoppingthefloor said...

What a fun group of bloggers!! Can't wait to check it on Monday!


Mary said...

Thank you for the sweet words, Krisit! We are so excited for IC's launch tomorrow! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by!



Darcie (My Modern Country) said...

Looking forward to visiting you and the other gals tomorrow! Congrats and have a great week :)

Mary said...

Hi Darcie - THANK YOU!!!!