Monday, November 19, 2012

Inspiration Cafe ~ Christmas Comes to the Cafe

Hey Everyone,

Happy Monday!!! Its time for a great post at Inspiration Cafe...

This week Danni from Silo Hill Farm, shares what inspires her 
and she brings a little Christmas to the Cafe with her 
stunning rustic Star Wreath...

Danni says:

"My original inspiration and the beginning of all 
of my crafting comes from my best friend Judy.
The other half of my inspiration, comes from YOU!  
All of you out there in the craft blog world! 
If you look back at my blog, in the beginning, it was 
not much about crafting....but then, I stumbled 
on to all of you and your amazing projects 
and my inspiration was rekindled and then 
caught like wildfire."


Donna said...

Very cute!

Jodi S said...

what a nice simple/basic piece that has a great effect :) Love it!