Sunday, March 10, 2013

Easter's on its way to Inspiration Cafe!

Easter's on it's way to Inspiration Cafe!  Danni from Silo Hill Farm is sharing an awesome tutorial for making a seasonal cloche that you can tweak using whatever little decor items you have in your own craft stash.

So put your Easter bonnet on and hop on over to Inspiration Cafe where we're always serving up something wonderful!  Just click on the door and we'll take you there!

If you would like to guest post at Inspiration Cafe, we'd love for you to let one of us know, or go HERE to our submissions page.

If you've never written a guest post before, that's OK, we're happy to teach you how with this easy step-by-step tutorial HERE.  It's easier than you might think and a great way to get exposure for your blog! 

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Jean said...

Hi Mary. Read a lot of comments on the Wacky Cake. I have 4 kids, adults now and made this cake a lot - doubling the recipe. In the beginning, I sprinkled icing sugar over the top while it was still warm, but not hot.

Then somewhere, somehow, I found the tip to use peppermint candy bars for icing and it's just too good not to share.

I'd buy large Pep bars or the small York ones. Break them up all over the top of the cake while still hot. Wait til they start to melt then take a knife/spatula to spread all over.

I hope your readers try it, it's delicious!

Jean in Ontario, Canada