Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tried & True Tuesday ~ DIY Lip Exfoliator ~ Home Cure for Dry Chapped Lips

The fickle weather in Ohio can do a number on your skin and your lips.  With warm weather one day, and frigid the next, I managed to picked up a cold...and some dry chapped lips!   Lucky for me, last fall my cousin showed me a quick and easy way to cure chapped lips with a simple DIY lip scrub made with items in my pantry!

DIY Lip Exfoliator:

Small Container
1 Tablespoon Sugar (White Granulated Sugar)
1 Teaspoon Olive Oil
*Small Drop of Vanilla Extract (optional)

Mix all of the ingredients together.  Using your finger, take a small amount of the exfoliator and gently scrub your lips in a circular motion.  Rinse and apply ChapStick, Vaseline or your favorite lip balm.  Your lips will be soft and kissable in no time!

Store in an air tight glass or plastic container.  It does not need to be refrigerated.   Replace after 2 months.  Click here for great tips on how to store homemade sugar scrubs.   

*If you have super chapped, cracked lips, you may want to skip 
  the vanilla, it contains alcohol.  If using vanilla, just use a tiny drop.

I love this scrub!  It's a lip saver! 
Thanks for the great tip, Ali!

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Eva {Tales of the Scotts} said...

Just last week I was thinking to myself that my lips needed some exfoliator! This is perfect and I have everything for it. Thanks!

Sherry of Pondered Primed Perfected said...

Me too! ^^^ Must be the weather changing from warm to cool and back that makes my lips and skin get so parched. Thanks Mary!

Heather @ The Beating Hearth said...

I love this!! you can also take a soft toothbrush, put a little bit of your exfoliator and gently scrub.

Marissa said...

Thank you I am doing this right now!

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Now this is some news I can use girl! Is there any reason I couldn't use a drop of any kind of extract or flavoring?? (Sam likes raspberry ;))

Natalie @ NorthShore Days said...

Oh Mary - this is fantastic - thank you for sharing such a great tip xx

Sarah @ SimplyScrumptiousbySarah said...

This is a great idea!!! No artificial ingredients either!!! Thanks! :-)

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

Really that all it is, I've been buying this stuff and its expensive, so doing this Mary, AWESOME!

Angel Marie said...

Totally trying this now. I have all the ingredients in my kitchen. Thank You So much :)