Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY Fruit Fly Trap

For me, fall is the most wonderful time of the year.  It's also the worst time of year for FRUIT FLIES!!!  Ugh, how those pesky little things annoy the heck out me!  Shoo fly, shooooo!  There is nothing more annoying than shooing them while eating dinner INSIDE your home.  Nothing.  It seems when the weather gets cooler and I open the windows, they always find their way in. They also like to hitch a ride home on my produce from the store.   
For years I've been doing the apple cider vinegar & dish soap in a bowl trap. To see what I'm talking about, head here.  This fruit fly trap is awesome! Love it!  Works every time!  I've also seen jars with a funnel and fruit on the bottom to catch fruit flies - another great idea, and it works!  You can see that trick here.

Today I decided to make a paper funnel & jar fruit fly trap and use the apple cider vinegar and soap mixture.....Not only does it work just as well as the bowl trick, it's a cute way to catch the flies!  

DIY Fruit Fly Trap

What you need
  • paper (fun scrapbooking paper, computer paper - large enough to make the funnel)
  • jar or glass
  • tape
  • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar (more or less depending on size of jar)
  • couple drops of liquid dish soap

Take the paper and roll it into a funnel using tape to secure the shape.  Make sure there is a little opening at the bottom of the funnel.  Tape all other openings closed.  Pour the apple cider in the jar, then add a few drops of dish soap - stir.  Place the paper funnel in the jar, making sure it doesn't touch the vinegar mixture, then tape where the jar and paper meet (top of jar).  Place the jar where you see flies...wait....and woo hoo, so long flies!   

Tip -  When you put out the trap, move all your fruits and veggies to the fridge, cabinet or pop them in the microwave. With all the other sources gone, the fruit flies will dive right into the jar!  

The picture above was taken just 10 minutes after putting out the trap.  Success! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

What a great idea Mary you clever chick :)

Mary N said...

I wish this was my idea, but it's been around for a while. I'm just glad my fruit flies are gone. I'm keeping it out next to my fruit and veggies on the counter. So far, I have not seen a SINGLE FLY! I've had my windows open and kids running in and out of the house too. This is always the worst time of year for those pesky things, the funnel traps them so they can't get out!!! Yay!!!

Danni Baird said...

I love this Mary! Not only is it functional...but the prettiest way I've ever seen to catch those nasty bugs! They drive me nuts and I dont' know why they are so prevalent in the fall! Thanks for this!

Rachel @ Surviving The Stores said...

Your way is SO much prettier than mine! I love the idea of using scrapbooking paper!

Thanks so much for linking over :)

Anne M said...

I tried this with plastic wrap over the top without much success. I'm trying it like you did. Thank you.

Anne xx

Donna said...

Love it! I do this trick, but never thought of using the pretty scrapbook paper...I am off to my craft room to get some!! :)

Pest Exterminator Fulham said...

I've tried this diy fly trap and it works like charm! Thank you for sharing this amazing idea!