Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Old-Fashioned Holiday Christmas Candy

Do you remember this candy? 

I grew up with them, they were always in my grandparents' cut glass candy dishes for the holidays. I search high and low each year so I can fill my candy jars with these sweet treats. I was lucky enough to find them this year after our move to Colorado - the holidays are saved!

I found this year's candy at our local Walgreens pharmacy. If you have a Walgreens, give them a call, they might have this mix. They also carried a bag of old-fashioned ribbon candy.

(My sister surprised me with two bags of Brach's Filled Raspberries in the mail)

The brand my grandparents' always purchased were Brach's - there are a few varieties: Brach's Arabian Nights Mix, Brach's Old-Fashioned Holiday Mix and Brachs's Filled Red Raspberries Hard Candy. 

Where can you find them? Try your local pharmacies, grocery stores, Target, Walmart and mom & pop stores. Right around Thanksgiving is when they start to show up in stores. I will say, they are not always easy to find. When we lived in Ohio (9 years), I never found them in our local stores. Most years I would grab them when I was in Michigan for Thanksgiving. One year I found them at Meijer's while shopping for Thanksgiving dinner with my sister - I purchased FIVE bags that year!  

The good news, if this candy is a must have (like it is for me), you can find them online. The bad news, you pay a little more because of the shipping cost. Below are some sites to purchase the candy online and have them delivered right to your door, just in time for Christmas! As of right now, they were still in stock:  
  • Brach's Old Fashioned Holiday Mix:  Amazon 
  • Primrose Old Fashioned Christmas Mix:  Amazon
  • Washburn's Old Fashioned Hard Candies, 16 oz canisters (2 pack):  Amazon
  • Old Fashioned Christmas Ribbon Candy:  Amazon
  • Brach's Filled Raspberries:  Amazon
These three online stores, CandyWarehouse, Old Time Candy & O'Ryan's Village, carry many old fashioned favorites, including Brach's. 

If you know where to find these candies, please share in the comments section below for other readers.

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Talya Tate Boerner said...

Yes! Love it. Thanks for letting me know where to get it. Pinning.

Mary N said...

Yay!!! Happy holidays, Talya.

Deborah D. said...

Thank you so much. We love these old time candies.

valerie said...

I have always love this candy, I am going to my local Walgreens to see if they have it.Thank you for letting us know where to find it.

Sheila Burgess said...

Thank you for the information for where I can buy the old fashion candy.

Heartofberries said...

We have a store here in Mount Union, PA that gets these every year! Including ribbon candy, chocolate straws, filled candy, hard candy, etc! Peight's Country Store! A little out of the way! A lot less to pay!

Unknown said...

Wakarusa dime store

Tammy Lybarger said...

Wakarusa dime store

Anonymous said...

If you like the old fashioned clear Christmas Candy, try clearcandy.com. I've just placed my 3rd order this season with them.

Dawn Vanderford said...

I am in Arkansas and we have a store called The Dollar Tree and they have it every year for just $1 a bag!!

D'ANGELO said...

I know this is an old post but thought I'd chime in anyway. This candy reminds me of my youth late 60's. My grandmother always had a beautiful crystal bowl filled with these beauties around the holidays. They were mouthwatering eye candy for a 6 yr old who was left unattended while the grow ups talked in the kitchen. My only problem was they Stuck together and I mean Stuck to the crystal bowl. I practically needed a jack hammer to sneak into them while the grown ups were busy, but I managed. They were dangerously enough to 'cut skin' from tiny hands if you weren't careful...no, I never cut my fingers but I did bang up my knuckles LOL

What is your memory of these old fashioned hard candies made from a sugary cement?
Angel from The Bay 2015

Patty Pytlarz said...

Vermont Country Store. They have everything from the olden days that you can imagine.