Sunday, May 31, 2015

Artist Shirah Neumann

Today I have something and someone special to share with all of you, not a recipe, but a beautiful art piece by my very talented niece, artist Shirah Neumann.

This is our first original artwork from Shirah, 'White Bird Tree'. We absolutely love and cherish this beautiful piece.

Here is a little more about Shirah and her art...

Artist Statement
My work is about wonder and mystery. I think about places where the real and the surreal meet. They can be humorous, unexpected, elicit wonder, and sometimes inspire research, learning and story-telling. This happens in my work as imagined and re-imagined landscapes and it happens in close-up views where a literal form like an old radiator screen is experienced in a different way, sometimes becoming a recurring pattern that vibrates with color and rhythm. My work can take new, inventive forms and at other times takes form through research: a study in ornamentation, interpreted images from film-stills or something read in a book. A study of window panes can become something odd when hovering in space. I am interested in describing observed or invented relationships between forms and ideas.

More information:

Shirah recently opened an Etsy Shop where you can purchase your own original piece of art: "I am a painter living in Chicago, IL. My shop, SunCreature, offers small paintings and hand-painted home decor. To see more and larger paintings, please visit my website,

Our family is looking forward to adding more pieces of Shirah's artwork in the future and passing them down from generation to generation

Thank you for visiting my blog today. If you have any questions about Shirah's work, feel free to contact her at

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